Computer-aided Modeling and Simulation for the Industry

We help companies to develop physical behavior models and simulations of their products, systems and processes for design, improvement and optimization with the aid of computer tools even if the domains are structural, thermal, fluid flow or a combination of them.


Our services span from routine computer models and simulations on commercial and open-source CAD-CAE platforms to developments in some specialised application fields. Computational simulations reduce cost, time, effort and risk in the development of products, processes and solutions for complex problems. Each project we develop is headed and supervised by a senior Ph.D. engineer.


Solid mechanics (linear/non linear) for structural integrity, modal analysis, creep and fatigue. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for compressible or uncompressible, single or multiphase flows, and fluid-structure interactions. Dynamics (cinematics and cinetics) of multibody rigid or deformable systems.

Mass and Thermal

Thermodynamics, mass, momentum and heat transfer, multicomponent and reactive systems, combustion of fossil fuels and biomass, drying of solids.

Buildings (BIM/BEM)

Building Information Modeling, Building Energy Modeling for energy performance assessment, thermal comfort, natural/artificial ventilation, artificial and daylighting analysis, water consumption, on-site renewable energy.

Software Development

Specialised code development (C++, Python, R, Matlab/Scilab, etc.) for product design and manufacture, software and/or hardware customization and integration.

Our Team

After several decades of teaching, research, and development in engineering computational mechanics at recognised universities, we decided to bring our expertise to the industrial sector with total commitment and dedication.

Orlando Porras
I.M. Ph.D.  Especialista en Termodinámica y Transferencia de Calor

Juan Manuel Rodríguez
I.M. Ph.D. Especialista en Mecánica Sólidos

Omar López
I.M. Ph.D. Especialista en Mecánica de Fluidos

Jaime Gómez
Fís. I.M. Ph.D. Especialista en Computación de Alto Desempeño


Carrera 64  # 96-17 – Bogotá, Colombia.

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